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What Happened 28 Years Ago - China's "Official" Version

28 years ago, a pro-democrasy youth movement swept across China In China, and we all know how it ended. News media in China is still tightly controlled, and if you use Chinese search engines in China and look it up, the only piece of information you can find is from there official PR site...


After U.S. Pull-Out, will China be the New Leader on Climate Change?

(credit: the Globe and Mail) China is one of biggest poluters - 30% of world's emissions from fossil fuels in 2014 Yet China is poised to be a world leader in Climate change. Li Keqiang, Chinese Premier, said "will stand by its responsibilities on climate change". This is in sharp...


US K-8 School Teaches Chinese Immersion – will the Trend Catch on?

(credit: CBS) I came across a news article on CBS Denver, and I'm amazed that there are schools that teach Chinese immersion to elementary school kids. Denver Language School is a K-8 language immersion school in Denver, Colorado, United States. Most classes are taught in Spanish or Mandarin...


Basic 150 Mandarin Chinese words (HSK 1) - do you know them?

This video on YouTube by Leanchinese-HUAJIE Language Programme teaches you the most basic Mandarin Chinese words in the HSK curriculum. The video is a bit long - 150 words will take a long time! Watch the full 51 minute video below:


The Most Popular Foreign Languages in America – Does Chinese Make the List?

The United States is the birthplace of the most widely used modern foreign language education theories. A glimpse at the US gives us an idea of current foreign language learning trends. 10,600,000 of K-12 students in the US are learning a foreign language, this is 20% of total K-12...


​Advice for Teenagers Wanting to Learn Chinese

If you are a teenager and looking to improve your Mandarin, here's how you might do it. Check with Your High School If your school offers a Chinese course for you, then take it! Most school boards take their language education seriously, and it will be great to have classroom...