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  第1课 双人活动、写作

➊ 联系你的语言同伴 (language partner)*。

➋ 跟你的语言同伴谈谈你在这一课学到的内容。比如,告诉他你觉得:

  • 课文里提到的3对夫妻,那对给你的印象最深?为什么?

➌ 问问你的语言同伴:你觉得夫妻怎样做才能幸福生活?跟他讨论讨论。写下一些笔记。

➍ 写一段话,题目是“婚姻”。请写在下面的comment里面。只用10分钟时间,尽量快快地写。想到什么就写什么。写错了也没关系。

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* NOTE: A language partner is someone you can practice Chinese with. You need a language partner to complete pair activities. If you don't have a language partner, you can go to iTalki or HelloTalk, sign up, indicate that are English-speaking and looking for a Chinese speaker. Their system will allow you to find Chinese speakers who are also trying to learn English. You can then exchange contact and do language exchange over Skype or chat. Oftentimes you talk half an hour in English and half an hour in Chinese to make it a free and equitable exchange.