0.2 - Access this course with the Teachable app

Do you have an iPhone or iPad?

You can access your courses via the Teachable iOS app. You can even download course content and access them offline!

1. Go to your iPhone/iPad’s app store and download the Teachable Online Courses app (iOS only).

2. Login with your Chinese Zero to Hero Teachable account.


Some content (like interactive vocabulary boxes) are only available on the web page, and are not visible in the iOS app.

Android and other platforms At this time (early 2020), Teachable has not provided with an app for Android or other platforms, and has no plans to do so. However, if you could contact Teachable's customer service and voice your request, they might just listen! If they see that a lot of people want it, they'll give it more priority.

Alternatively, on your Android devices, you can of course still access our courses through your browser (just like how you would on a desktop/laptop computer). Google Chrome works the best.

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