How to study the PDFs

Suggested study method:

➊ Download the PDF (we recommend the Documents by Readdle app if you have an iPad). Open the video by clicking on the play button in the PDF.

➋ Read the PDF as you listen to the video.

  • If they speak too fast, try adjusting the playback speed (倍速). 

➌ Highlight any words you're unfamiliar with.

  • Highlight the corresponding word in the translation and in the glossary. Use different colors of highlighting to differentiate each word.

➍ Review the next day. Cover up the translation and see if you can recall the words you highlighted. If you don't remember them, underline them. Then review just the underlined words three days later.

Suggested review schedule:

Before studying, first:

  • Review what you studied yesterday: cover up the translation, and go over all your highlights. Underline any words that you still can't understand.
  • Review what you studied 3 days ago: go over all your underlines. If you still can't understand it, write it on a sticky note and paste it somewhere you see often.
  • Review what you studied a week ago: go over all your highlights again just as a refresher.

What if the video asks for Flash Player?

What do I do if I see ?

This message appears only on desktop browsers.

If you open the page from your phone or from your tablet, the message will go away and the video will play normally even without Flash.

  • Tip for Mac Safari users: You can view the videos in "Responsive Design Mode". First, enable the Develop menu (From the menu, go to Safari > Preferences, then go to the Advanced tab. Check "Show Develop menu in menu bar"). Then, press Ctrl+Cmd+R.

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