1.1 - Understanding the 4 tones and the neutral tone

If you own a copy of the HSK Standard Course 1 Textbook, you can do the following:

➊ Read Pinyin Note 2 on page 3

➋ Listen to the accompanying MP3 audio file 01-4.

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More on tones:

Another way to practice tones is by practicing them in pairs. That is, practice different combinations of tones together:

Words mentioned in this video

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(singular) you

好 hǎo good, fine

你们 nǐmen (plural) you

对不起 duìbuqǐ to be sorry

ma question particle

le particle to indicate change

妈妈 māma mother

椅子 yǐzi chair

爸爸 bàba dad

奶奶 nǎinai grandmother


麻烦 máfan to bother

to curse, to call names; to scold

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