HSK1.09 Activity, Homework and Project

Pair Activity

Please complete this activity with a language partner, (preferably a native speaker).

  • Complete Activities 1 and 2 on page 70-71 of your Textbook.
  • Adapt the Group Activity 2 to a pair activity, and you can create a table as shown in the textbook together by collaborating on Google Docs


  • Write Chinese characters on this PDF worksheet attached.
  • You can learn the vocabulary using our flashcard sets Quizlet
  • Complete Lesson 9 in the Workbook. For answer keys, more info here.
    • Correction: Answer to question 10 should be A. 商店

Project: My Resume (CV)

Create a simple resume for a Chinese job interview. List where you went for work (or went to school). For example:

  • 1999 - I worked at ..., I was a …

Why be boring? Try some of the resume designs from Pinterest. Remember, you can always use Canva to create cool designs.

HSK1.09 Character Worksheet.pdf
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