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  第6课 课文1难点(一……就)、翻译

Text Translation

Zhang Yuan and Li Jin talk about Li Jin’s shopping experience the previous night

Zhang Yuan: Yesterday night I kept on calling you but no one answered. What were you doing?

Li Jin: Yesterday, my wife wanted me to go to the supermarket to buy juice with her. I forgot the phone at home.

Zhang Yuan: But it shouldn’t take so long to get such a small item.

Li Jin:We first shopped around the mall for a while. As soon as we entered the door, the salesperson was eager to show us this and show us that. So she bought a pair of pants, a shirt, two socks, then we went home happy.

Zhang Yuan: When I shop I only want to look at what I want to buy, and I prefer to browse and pick things on my own. I don’t wish to be disturbed by others.

Li Jin: Exactly! Only when we got home did we find out this shocking fact: we forgot to go to the supermarket in the mall to buy juice!