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  第6课 课文2难点、翻译

Text Translation

Wang Jing is shopping for tomatoes at a shop

Wang Jing: Is the tomato fresh? How much is it?

Salesclerk: 7 yuan per half kilo. Don’t worry, it’s 100% fresh, guaranteed.

Wang Jing: How come it’s so expensive? I remembered it was 3.50 yuan per half kilo yesterday, and today it’s twice the price!

Salesclerk: The one you just asked is the “organic” kind. You get what you paid for. With this kind of fresh tomatoes, if you eat one or two a day, it’s good for your skin.

Wang Jing: OK, I’ll buy a few to try for now.

Salesclerk: OK, here’re your tomatoes, all together it’s 2 half-kilos, 14 yuan.