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  第6课 课文2难点、翻译

Mistake: At the end of the video, it says please read the culture point of lesson 10. It should say lesson 6, although the title "绿色食品" is correct.

Text Translation

Wang Jing is shopping for tomatoes at a shop

Wang Jing: Is the tomato fresh? How much is it?

Salesclerk: 7 yuan per half kilo. Don’t worry, it’s 100% fresh, guaranteed.

Wang Jing: How come it’s so expensive? I remembered it was 3.50 yuan per half kilo yesterday, and today it’s twice the price!

Salesclerk: The one you just asked is the “organic” kind. You get what you paid for. With this kind of fresh tomatoes, if you eat one or two a day, it’s good for your skin.

Wang Jing: OK, I’ll buy a few to try for now.

Salesclerk: OK, here’re your tomatoes, all together it’s 2 half-kilos, 14 yuan.