HSK1.01 Activity, Assignment and Project

Pair Activity

Please complete this activity with a language partner, (preferably a native speaker).


  • greeting them in Chinese

Also try typing to them in Chinese via instant messaging. See instructions on how to type Chinese characters on various devices.


  • Write Chinese characters on this PDF worksheet attached.
  • Complete Lesson 1 in the Workbook. For answer keys, see this YouTube video on how you can obtain them from the publisher.
  • You can learn the vocabulary using our flashcard sets Quizlet

➌ Watch Expansion Videos (Highly Recommended)

Launch to Language Player (Web, iOS, Android) and create an account, then select “Chinese” as your target language. From the Media section, open any video that interests you, and watch with the help of bilingual subtitles. We recommend spending at least 5 hours watching videos on Language Player for each unit. Below are some usage tips:

  • Tap on any word in the subtitles that you do not understand.
  • Save the word by tapping on “save word.”
  • Review saved words, go to Me > My Words.
  • Click on the (Transcript Mode) button to see the full transcript. In Transcript Mode, you will see pop quizzes on the words you saved.
  • Note that a paid Pro account is required to play beyond the first 10 lines of each video.

Project (Optional)

Creating a Chinese greeting card that says either "你好!" or "对不起!"

You can either do a digital card or a physical card. Here aresome ideas on Pinterest.

If you decide to do a digital card, check out the online graphic design tool Canva.

HSK1.01 Character Worksheet.pdf
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