HSK1.03 Warm-Up & Vocabulary

Character Worksheet

The character worksheet that's mentioned at 9:20 of the video is available at the end of this unit.


➊ Complete the Warm-up activity in the textbook (refer to the answers below).

➋ Watch the video and read the dialog

➌ Learn the vocabulary using our Quizlet flashcard sets

➍ Complete Exercise 3 on page 17 of your textbook (refer to answers below).

➎ Click "Complete and continue"


Reference Answers for Warm-Up:







Exercise 3



(3)老师 中国

(4)老师 美国

NOTE: Answers to all textbook warm-up & exercises can be downloaded from the publisher's website. Click on the blue button with the "book" icon, sign up for an account, login, and download the resource. We also put answers in the lectures for your easy reference.

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